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PostPosted: 26 May 2009 18:28   Post subject: Rules and Guidelines Reply with quote

A warm welcome to all visitors of the bulletin board of!

To guarantee a proper activity and friendly coexistence on this bulletin board there are a few rules and guidelines which all users are asked to follow! Concerning this matter everybody using this medium of communication should be familiar with these as well.


• The spreading and circulation of illegal, pornographic or politically radical contents are strictly prohibited just as any infrigement of the copyright law or others. The same is fact for external links which can be regarded as offending or illegal in any way (dubious texts & pictures, spamming links, ...).

• In respective sections of the forum there are additional rules which are listed as “Ankündigung” (notice). These are obligatory as well and you can find them at the top of the list of such a topic/ thread. Please make sure that you are familiar with these specific rules as in the Hot- News area for example.

• We do not accept insults/ insulting comments, provoking statements or aggression in any form on this bulletin board.

• Please be aware that ignorance is no excuse. Every user is responsible on knowing the respective rules him-/ herself.

• Spamming as well as advertisement (especially for competitive products) are strictly prohibited.

• Discussions about file sharing networks (player and datas mainly) are forbidden on this bulletin board.

• Please also be aware that the operator/ licencee has got the right of excluding or deleting respective users who may have acted against the rules.

These rules are regarded as obligatory which have been to follow in any case.
Any breach or infraction could therefore be punished by the discretionary authority of the moderators and administrators. Continuing writing with another account of the same user is punished as well and will lead to deletion of the latter. Furthermore any penalisation will be widened.

Next to these rules there is a netiquette which should be regarded as a guideline how to act and write on this bulletin board.


• If you are a new user please make sure not to write new posts without being aware of the rules and others. You are already on a good way because you have found these rules and guidelines here. If you need further instruction you can find them on the FAQ page and in specific subsections of the bulletin board.

• Through the searching function you can search for keywords that might already deal with your question or topic you are about to post. It would be kind to use this before any new post referring to a particular topic.

• Also please think about where (into which subsection) to post your new topic/ question.

• Please always respect the other users. Insulting or reprehensive comments towards others are not really of use and therefore should be avoided.

• Before responding to a post, please make sure that you understood your previous speaker. If necessary read through a whole topic to maximise the chance of understanding a post. Misunderstandings often can be avoided when following this procedure.

• A correct spelling as well as sentence structure and grammar are appreciated so that other users are more able to read through a post and may respond to it.

• The headline of a new topic: A well structured and informing headline is appreciated by all users- please make sure that your headline is consisting of more than contents like “help” or “why”

• While quoting another person it is enough to cite the most important and relevant parts of messages/ articles. Not following this might extend a topic to an unnecessary big and confusing size.

Summing everything up it is much more of use to act in a community of football and game supporters than as rivals on a bulletin board. Following the rules and guidelines will hopefully enable this!

Your PL- MANAGER- team!
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